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A special issue will be published in connection with Phytochemistry Reviews (SCI-exp., impact factor: 5.374) for the selected presentations in Natural Products session

Nadja C. de Souza Pinto

University of Sao Paolo


Nadja C. de Souza Pinto


Souza-Pinto, Nadja C.


Assistant Professor of Biochemistry

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souza-pinto n c

EDUCATION/TRAINING  (Begin with baccalaureate or other initial professional education, such as nursing, include postdoctoral training and residency training if applicable.)

(if applicable)

State University of Campinas, Brazil B.S. 02/89 Biology
Federal University of São Paulo Ph.D. 02/97 Molecular Biology
NIA-NIH Postdoctoral 04/97-03/02 Molecular Gerontology


A. Positions and Honors

Positions and Employment

1997-2002                  Fellow, Intramural Research program, National Institute on Aging, Baltimore, MD

2002-2008                  Staff Scientist, Laboratory of Molecular Gerontology, NIA, Baltimore, MD

2008-2014                  Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, University of São Paulo, SP, Brazil

2014-current               Associate Professor, Dept. of Biochemistry, University of São Paulo, SP, Brazil


Other Experience and Professional Memberships

1990-currrent             Member, Brazilian Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

2000-2008                  Member, Gerontology Research Center IACUC, NIA-NIH

2002-current               Member, Mitochondria Research Society

2007-2012                  Editorial Board, Mechanisms of Aging and Development

2008-2018                  President, Dept. of Biochemistry IACUC, University of São Paulo

2008-current               Member, Brazilian Society of Mutagenesis (MutaGen-Brasil)

2009-current               Member, Brazilian Society of Genetics (SBG)

2012-2014                  Secretary, Brazilian Society of Mutagenesis (SBMCTA)

2012-2015                  Associate Editor, Mechanisms of Aging and Development

2014-2016                  President, Brazilian Society of Mutagenesis (MutaGen-Brasil)

2014-2020                  Member, Brazilian Technical Committee on Biosafety (CTNBio)

2016-current               Council Member, Brazilian Society of Mutagenesis (MutaGen-Brasil)

2018-current               President, Undergraduate Committee, Institute of Chemistry, University of São Paulo

2019-current               Associate Editor, Mitochondrion


2009                            Scholar, Programme for Young Professors and Researchers from Latin American Universities, Coimbra Group

B. Selected Peer-reviewed Publications (Selected from 82 peer-reviewed publications)

Recent publications


  1. Alencar RR, Batalha CMPF, Freire TS, de Souza-Pinto NC (2019). Enzymology of mitochondrial DNA repair. Enzymes, 45:257-287.
  2. Soltys DT, Pereira CPM, Rowies FT, Farfel JM, Grinberg LT, Suemoto CK, Leite REP, Rodriguez RD, Ericson NG, Bielas JH, Souza-Pinto NC (2019). Lower mitochondrial DNA content but not increased mutagenesis associates with decreased base excision repair activity in brains of AD subjects. Aging, 73:161-170.
  3. Roubicek DA, Souza-Pinto NC (2017). Mitochondria and mitochondrial DNA as relevant targets for environmental contaminants. Toxicology, 391:100-108.
  4. Mori MP, Costa RA, Soltys DT, Freire TS, Rossato FA, Amigo I, Kowaltowski AJ, Vercesi AE, de Souza-Pinto NC (2017). Lack of XPC leads to a shift between respiratory complexes I and II but sensitizes cells to mitochondrial stress. Rep., 13;7(1):155.
  5. Muftuoglu M, Mori MP, de Souza-Pinto NC (2014). Formation and repair of oxidative damage in the mitochondrial DNA. Mitochondrion, 17: 164-81.
  6. Kowaltowski AJ, de Souza-Pinto NC, Castilho RF, Vercesi AE (2009). Mitochondria and reactive oxygen species. Free. Rad. Biol. Med., 47(4):333-43.


C. Research Support

Ongoing Research Support


  1. FAPESP 2017/04372-001/09/17 a 31/08/22

Title: Mitochondrial DNA: mechanisms for genome integrity maintenance and impact on disease

Role: PI


  1. FAPESP 2019/16320-701/10/20 - 31/12/22

Title: Construction of fluorescently-labeled cell lines to evaluate cancer-associated processes in live cells

Role: PI


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